I have decided that you need to be a bit of a detective to figure the bowel&bladder out after a SCI.
Noirin had a consult with her urologist yesterday and I am kind of overawed with the changes he wants us to make in her care.
Basically we do ICC and then glycerine suppository daily but we have had to do dig stim recently and she is getting numerous UTI's. He feels she is colonised and wants us to start cyproxin for 2 weeks them maintenance dose for 3 months and he then agrees that i can try d-mannose or mycrocyn ( I printed off the posts from here and gave it to him). He also wants us to change cath as we used a speedicath compact(coloplast) and turns out it is coming off market as it has inadequate length and may not completely empty bladder. Another issue is that he feels she may not be emptying bowel successfully and for this reason is suggesting peristeen irrigation. I have worries about AD with this as the pressure of the water in the bowel may irritate her and it is also a very dependent process. Another option given to us was anterograde washouts- in other words putting in a stoma and flushing out from on top. THis doesnt sit well with me at the minute ( remember she is only 7 andalready hates her disabled body). So basically I am looking for feedback from anyone using these options as I have learned so much from you all in the past, Thanks, Sonia.