I am freshly hurt from 2 car accidents that happened less than 1.5 months apart. I'm in epic amounts of pain from the last accident that happened about 3 weeks ago. Pain is runs all the way down my left leg. I have constant tingling, numbness and feeling of foot going to sleep from the knee down. It's worse when I sit down. I just got my MRI and it reads L3-L4 2-3mm bulge. L4-L5 9mm decreased disk signal and space height. 9mm protrusion deforming the thecal sac and compressing the traversing left L5 nerve. There is moderate central canal stenosis. the formania are maintained. L5-S there is 2mm bulge formania are maintained.

I am super athletic, I don't want surgery. I'm in epic pain and at my wits end. I'm starting to get depressed as well...I was using exercise to control my depression...worse of all, I work as a paramedicial esthetician, I'm sitting leaning over on my patients for 45 mins at a time. I can't even drive for long periods of time with out crying from the pain. I cant be doped up when I'm working either because I have to make judgement calls because I work with strong acids...I am in a pickle...I'm self employed, and NO HEALTH INSURANCE.... what to do?

~"over life right now"