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Thread: Clinitron at home bed available

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    Clinitron at home bed available

    I have a Clinitron at Home for sale. My mother used it for one year because of her deep wound in her shoulder before she passed away. This bed is impeccable. It cost me $55K as it was not covered by Medicare/Medicaid. I can offer it for $10K for any patient that needs it and cannot afford to buy it from Clinitorn as new.

    *CS / P0800010016 / CLINITRON AT HOME

    Ø Air Fluidized Therapy
    Ø Head raises and lowers
    Ø Low Air Loss cushions at the head of bed
    Ø Does not have a scale
    Ø Weight limit: 300 lbs
    Hill-Rom’s Clinitron At Home® therapy is ideal for the treatment of advanced pressure ulcers, flaps, burns or intractable pain.
    Air Fluidized Therapy – Helps reduce key pressure points to help facilitate healing of even the most severe wounds.
    Low Position – A low position of 26 inches facilitates patient transfer; use of four-inch spacers provides comfortable car for bed-bound patients.
    Designed for the Home – Weighing 40 percent less than institutional models, it is safe to use in most homes, including mobile homes.
    Wide Footprints – Wide footprints allow for better stability.
    Power requirements: Voltage 110VAC, 60Hz; Power 385-644 Watts
    Height capacity: 6'3"
    Maximum amblent air temperature: 95ºF
    Overall dimensions: 41"W x 91"L
    Sleep dimensions: 34"W x 84"L
    Minimum Height: 26”
    Unit weight (with beads): 1225 - 1375 lbs

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    Parent need Clinitron bed

    My Mom is paralyzed from the waist down. Currently, she is in the hospital recovering from surgery on a wound located on her lower back. Her doctor says that she needs a Clinitron BED and Medicare will not cover it. Is your Clinitron BED still available?

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    is the bed still availabe? if so email me at

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    Is this bed still available? I'm very interested in purchasing it. Where are you located? I'm in Cary NC

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    I am very interested in purchasing a Hill-rom Clinitron bed. Is yours still
    available? I am a quadriplegic with 3 big bed sores.

    Thank you,

    Please PM
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