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Thread: FS: Saratoga Spirit 690 Selectable Arm/Leg Exerciser

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    FS: Saratoga Spirit 690 Selectable Arm/Leg Exerciser

    I have a used Saratoga Spirit 690 for sale. It's in very good condition, works great and includes:
    • The Bike
    • Limited Grasp Grips
    • Standard Foot Plates
    • High Ankle Support Boots
    I'm asking $1200 + shipping. Looks like shipping will run about $100.

    Here is some information from the makers, Rand-Scot. I've also included some pictures of the actual bike below (these pictures do not show the tri-pin grip, but will be included).

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    Dropping price to $900...

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    Holiday special ... new price $600 + shipping

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    I used an arm exerciser today at physical therapy would love to own one. Good luck on finding a buyer if I had the $$$ I would be interested it was a good upper body work out.
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    How about $500 including shipping*?

    * to lower 48

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    I am very interested. please check your inbox.

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