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Thread: uncle died

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    uncle died

    My uncle died last Saturday, March 26th, and was cremated before we even was aware he had passed away. I liked uncle a lot but he was not very close to me cause of the distance thing and my health. We was on better terms though and we were only 80 something miles apart.

    Apparently he had a business and 2 other partners, not to mention whatever else he had going. He had a business degree from ASU, Jonesboro Arkansas. But, he had a car wreck about 2 years ago and he also filed for bankruptcy but not sure if they are related or not.

    Well, Thursday we found out my uncle had died so we called he long time friend and thru him got the phone number of one of his business partners. Uncle had no wife or kids so I have been feeling responsible and compelled to visit where my uncle lived and take his dog and stuff under my wing.

    My sister called the business partner yesterday and found out some disturbing news. The dog was alive Thursday and Friday the dog was dead. That's not all. Uncle was renting a house from this business partner. Uncle even called us 2 months ago to give us his new address and new cell phone number.

    The big reason I'm writing this is because the business partner told my sister that all uncle's things are gone and the house is already rented out. Uncle had April rent paid from what I heard.

    Should I call the police on the guy or what? What gives him the right to take things like this? I'm upset some, sorry.

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    Oh my goodness. I have no advice for you but wanted to say how very sorry I am for you. Not only for the loss of your uncle but for all the heartache you are experiencing afterwords. What about his remains? Where are they?

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    That would all be disturbing to me too.

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    I'm sorry you lost your uncle and understand why you feel that there may be something fishy going on, but before you take any action you need proven hard facts to present to the police.

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    is a attorney a option.

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    something seems weird there, don't know if i'd investigate farther or just let it go, good luck whatever you decide, and sorry to hear about your uncle's passing
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    People are strange sometimes. I found out one of my aunt was dead on facebook and when another aunt died, my cousin forgot to tell me. I was so hurt both of the times. I was at least saving a painting my mother had painted when they emptied her flat. He sold all her things together with the flat, even my father's silverware.
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    I am so sorry, J/L - that's a lot to deal with all of a sudden, especially since some of the circumstances have been shocking and creepy.

    If you want to pursue this, I think seeing an attorney would be the first step - you need to know whether or not your uncle had a will, first of all; and if not, what the laws are in your state when someone dies without a will. There would be business affairs to look into, too. You would need to know what your and your sisters' rights are as the next of kin. Police would not be brought in unless laws have been broken. So if you continue to feel unsettled about this, do look into seeing an attorney who specializes in estate law.

    Best wishes to you and your sister.

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    J/L, sorry for your loss and it does disturbing. If there was a buisness there could have been some assets.

    You deserve some answers, good luck in your pursiut.
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    On second thoughts why don't you just 'phone your late uncle's landlord and ask for your uncle's belongings.

    You'll have a good idea as to what's happening by his landlord's answer and reaction.

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