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Thread: Alcohol vs. Betadine

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    Alcohol vs. Betadine

    I have been using betadine wipes to clean the connection on my drainage bags, got a letter from my supplier that the betadine wipes have been recalled so I am using alcahol wipes until the problem with the betadine wipes is corrected. Was wondering what other people use?

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    alcohol wipes here too, no problems so far.
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    I have used the alcohol wipes (convenient) or alcohol from a bottle poured onto a cotton ball or cosmetic pad and it seems to work just fine. I have also tried Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK) Antiseptic Towelettes by a company named PDI (Professional Disposables International, Inc. I like these because they are supplied in small packets, but when unfolded are a generous 7.7x5 inches. They are nice for wiping down the leg bag connections and the entire bag while I'm at it.These are available at medical supply stores in boxes of 100 wipes.

    I think you will find you will like the alcohol or BZK wipes because they don't leave the betadine stain (albeit the stain washes away with water).

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    I don't think that betadine offers any advantage and likely costs more than alcohol on cotton or the pads.


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