Well, I chose a manual because I can push one fine physically (other than maybe not being in shape enough right now for slants) but I can also pop that thing in the car super easy and it can fit in almost any car. A scooter requires a lot more transporting on various contraptions and probably more expense as well. I want to keep my body working, even if it is only the upper half, for as long as I can.

As far and walking vs rolling, it all depends upon how much pain I want to tolerate. I can walk from here to the car fine with no pain. If I stand still for even a few minutes the pain starts and it gets bad quick. If I have to walk for longer distances that require any stopping and starting it gets pretty ugly.

Now I can, and have, tolerated this pain for my entire life. I thought I deserved it and that I was supposed to just be in pain and 'take it'.

Recently after about 4 years of therapy I am thinking that I 'shouldn't' be in pain and that I don't deserve it and that I shouldn't have to just 'take it' and it was actually my therapist that suggested I try a wheelchair.

I thought she was crazy but the more I walked and stood and the worse the pain got the madder I got. Thinking that I didn't want to be in that much pain any more. It wasn't fair.

That is why I got the chair. Now I need to figure out exactly when and where to use it and how to get in shape with the upper body without totally losing the lower body and the ability to walk at all.

Since I am still undiagnosed as to what is actually wrong with me I am trying to just wing it all on my own.

I really appreciate everyones suggestions. I think I need to actually dedicate time to wheelchair skills that I will start once my mom is gone.