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Thread: Question about pushing myself in my chair...

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    IMO both GOD and the surgeon should be thanked. Yes the surgeon performed the surgery but who gave him the ability to do what he does. Anyone can't go to medical school and become a surgeon. GOD had to make him what he was. In my line of work just anyone can't do it...they had to be born with the ability and who gave them that ability GOD.

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    Agree to disagree?

    This isn't really what this post is about anyway... Probably not the best subject for an online community. We can just stick to wheelchair stuff?

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    Hey Oli..

    It's already been stated by others multiple times.. time and practice.
    Walk as much as you can to stay as physically fit as you can, but don't let the pain limit you, use the chair as well. You get much better cardio by standing..

    Hope all goes well..
    Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B

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    Went to costco and walmart today! Rolled myself in the chair and had zero problems. Of course it was all flat and smooth both the parking lots and the inside. But what is still amazing to me is that I have gotten home and have ZERO pain!!!! I mean no pain at all. Weeeeeird.

    Never in my 39 years have I ever gone out and not come home in serious pain. I am so excited. Is is lame to be excited by being in a wheelchair? Is it amazing that a wheelchair so easily fixes my pain issues?

    I did fix up my front sticky caster which seems to have helped, as well as all the other adjustments on the chair. It seems like it is really working perfectly now.

    The only thing I cant quite figure out is how to clicker train my dog AND push myself in the chair! Hehe!! He is almost perfect but sometimes gets a little further away from the chair that I would like so I am trying to click and treat for him staying close. The click is fine but fishing the treat out takes too long between pushes. I will have to work on that.

    Tomorrow I might try some sidewalks....

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    No, it is not.

    When I got mine after more than 30 years as a walking para with overuse pain and neuropain, I hardly could walk anymore and didn't want any chair, but did not have a choice in the end, I was so greatful for the chair and I still am. But it is easier to get a chair and use it when you can still walk, I am not that greatful anymore when I can hardly get up and stand for two seconds. Remember most of the people here has not got any choice from the start, both you and me had a choice and I think that is a difference.

    But I was so tired of walking, 10 steps and my heart started to pound, I understood it was chair time, so later I just walked a little inside in the house. I tried to continue the walking but I lost it after two years. And after using the chair for a year, the overuse pain disappear.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    "Maybe I am just to chicken to use the chair and have all these excuses not to? I am just staying home, hiding from my mom and tolerating vast amounts of pain. Maybe once I get the hang of it better it will be easier to use and I will go out more and be in less pain and all will be well?"-said by the OP

    BINGO DING DING DING you just found the cause of the whole problem

    I have no doubt that if you actually start using your chair and practicing you will be amazing at it.

    Also, think of your chair as a way to avoid pain and as a tool to help you be MORE independent and accomplish MORE in your day (like being able to stand in line at a pharmacy). Yes you should walk short distances, it's good for leg strength and keeping the atrophy away and for excercise and weight management, but walk around your house or around your yard, neighborhood and for goodness sakes take your chair for errands or other public outings. The real question is why are you so hung up about the chair and more importantly why are you letting your life revolve around your mother's approval, or what you think your mom will approve of. The wheeling around on non flat surfaces issue will clear itself up with time and practice..teh other stuff you really might want to look into getting some more counseling for. It could change yoru whole outlook and make you very happy.
    Liza R. McCollum

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    I can remember the 1st time I got outside of my rehab facility at Rusk in NYC in 1970. I was in 50lb E&J w no wheel camber and big armrests. The cant of the sidewalk nearly killed me, working the one arm almost exclusively - depressing. I agree w others on this thread in recommending just rigid sideguards, no armrests unless really needed and your chair should have at least 2 degrees camber in wheels. In part, wheeling in these situations just takes practice. Get out all you can on even pavement and push to build strength, eventually the one arm push on slanted sidewalk will be a piece of cake. Hang in there and get out and push.

    Oh yeah, get a good chair as light as possible that fits you like a glove, buy out of pocket if a DME has already stuck you w a heavyweight chair too wide for you.

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    I agree with others that going up a hill backwards is easier than forwards (especially if you have some use of your legs).

    Even if your dog is small, you might tie the dog to the low side of your wheelchair - the extra pull that your dog could do might be just enough to make the job easier. [Even when you have your dog pull, you can always help by wheeling the wheels].

    I don't have one (yet), but lots on this site swear by the Freewheel. It possibly might make going straight on a slanted sidewalk possible.

    Walk or chair? I was determined to learn to walk when I was in physical therapy and I eventually could (sort of) with a walker. My therapist said that eventually, I would figure out whether the chair or the walker was more suitable for me. Once when I was out with the walker, one of those heavily-sprung doors knocked me down as I was trying to get through the doorway. I ultimately chose the chair as my best way of getting around.

    It gets easier.

    Rodney (ZEN12many)

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    I met the inventor of free wheel and watched it in's a great piece of equipment and it's my next big purchase..
    Liza R. McCollum

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