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Thread: Getting new power chair, I have some questions

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    In fact, the M300 will not be more maneuverable than a C300 in a confined area unless it is also equipped with a power elevating seat as well. The seat elevator will allow the footplates to be raised completely above the casters so the legrest can be brought all the way in.
    I don`t understand nothing about power chairs, but here you can see some pics of the C300

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    i asked to demo a permobil last year and they would show me one, but not let me demo. i bought c400 stander and it has been a lemon and permobil seems to care less about it, in the last year Permobil Factory tech has been here twice, it was been sent back to factory for a month, and the dealer i got it from had it for 3 months before they finally replaced almost all the electronics on it. i was told they are suppose to be one of the most reliable power chair companies?

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    I have to thank you for all your comments and opinions. It has been a huge help. I will keep my eye on this thread if anybody else has any helpful ideas. THANK YOU!!!
    Disability is not a medical problem with social issues, but rather a social problem with medical issues.
    Franklin D. Rosevelt

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    I want to thank you all and give the update and final descision on the chair I am getting. It is going to be an Arrow rear wheel drive with true track and a seating system that has tilt, recline and power elevating legrests. This chair will be much better according to JoJo the woman from Hudson Rehab feels (and I agree) a rearwheel drive is the best chair for me, especially since I live in a rural or semirural area. She really not only paid attention to my disability but honed in on m lifestyle. She did not push things on me that do not work. She is great! Also, on the asthetic side, it is going to be painted a nice dark, but shiny green. It will actually be a really nice looking and effective chair.
    Disability is not a medical problem with social issues, but rather a social problem with medical issues.
    Franklin D. Rosevelt

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