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    I am new to this group. I was hoping someone might be able to give me the name of a specialist that can help me with my dx of syringmyalia. I was previously dx with cancer, and the syrinx showed up in an MRI. At the time, they said that it was not causing any issues and not to worry about it. I was in a MVA last year, whiplash. Since then I've been going downhill at a quick pace. I was sent to 2 neurosurgeons. The last told me that the syrinx was probably not an issue but I needed to have suregery on my neck. When I told him my most recent symptoms he said ' should be on the other side.' I asked if the MVA could have woke the syrinx up, so to speak, and he really couldn't answer me. I feel uncomfortable having surgery in my neck with someone who dosn't understand the syrinx in the first place. I am trying to find somone in the PNW that can help. Does anyone know of a good doctor? I want to stay mobile and it's scaring me.

    Thank you!

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    Dr. Scott Falci at Craig Hospital in Denver, CO is *the* go to guy for syringomyelia.

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    Thanks so much for your reply, 'Been There.' I was hoping there was a facility that I could drive too. Is this the doctor you see? I suppose I could call and see if they could recommend someone here in the PNW?

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    I have moved your post to get moer responses.


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    Pacific Northwest? University of Washington, Northwest Regional Spinal Cord Injury System.

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    Dr. Scott Falci is known as the "go to guy" in the US for syrinx. He heads the surgical rehabilitation program at Craig in Denver, CO. A friend of mine had surgery by him 2 years ago and he was impressed not only by the doctor but my his staff as well.
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    Hi, I'm new on this site and am looking for a Specialist/Surgeon for Syringomeyelia. I do not have a SCI. The syrinx was found on an MRI (C6-T1). From everything I've read on the internet and because of symptoms I'm experiencing, it looks like surgery is the direction this will go. My appointment with a Neuro-surgeon is set for Friday in Asheville, NC for the initial consultation but I would like to know if Asheville, NC is the best place for me to have the surgery done. Where would you recommend people go for the surgery if they don't have SCI?
    Thanks, Brona

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