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Thread: Kealia pond after Tsunami

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    Kealia pond after Tsunami

    The tsunami unplugged the sand plug of Kealia pond last week so the water of the 640 acre national bird sanctuary drained into the ocean. With the new accessible boardwalk I was able see this and to watch the Auku‘u (Black-crowned night heron) feasting on the fish caught in the draining pools. The ocean was still acting strangely with the changing from high to low with in 15 minutes, weird. We were evacuated for the tsunami with lots of notice (3+ hours) so we just drove to high ground and waited it out, bad news was the warning came at 10p.m. at night so we packed and headed to higher ground about 1 a.m. We slept in the car and got back in the condo at 6 a.m. and everything was fine. Should've brought pillows so note to self in case of evacuation take a comfy pillow. Aloha Bruce
    PS The lady standing next to me is Amy's best friend Jill who leaves her 4 kids and family to comes to Maui for 10 days a year to visit. Talk about girl time, crafts, sunning and shopping.

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    Glad you're safe. Awesome boardwalk! Love the boots!
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    Poor fishies. I have a small koi pond and an ongoing war against the local herons. No tsunamis, at least.

    Bruce, that last pic is making me seriously envious.

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    Thank you for the compliments on the boots and of being with Jill. I get more attention about my boots. I remember reading an article about canine companions which said it helps folks interact with us (disabled) as it is a safe neutral subject, hell I say just get a pair of cool boots and everyone will chat with you

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    Bruce, thanks for the photos and report. I was just there in the sanctuary last October for a nice visit and had wondered how the Maui coast fared. Were there other areas that were damaged? How much boat and dock damage was there?


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    Nothing like a nice pair of boots...great pictures and glad you are safe.

    Never leave without my pillow LOL
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    We finally made it over to explore Maui and Bruce, you've got the right idea. It's a paradise of nature that I think about often. I would really encourage anyone that can endure the flight to save up and experience the island. There's a beach chair in Kihei to get you in the water, if you haven't swam in the ocean since your injury it'll do you good.

    Fond memories include kayaking with a pod of spinner dolphins on one side and breaching humpback whales on the other. The whale songs were loud and easy to hear while snorkeling with the sea turtles. Next time we're there I'll give you a shout.

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    Glad you had such a good time and do give me a call next winter if you get back over as Amy and I plan on coming back again next winter for an extended stay. That is the dilemna of owning the condo as a vacational rental, if I stay home and cold in Canada over winter folks I make money but if I go to Maui I am warm but no cash flow. Although I do still want folks to think of my place as vacation rental as it is hard to attract renters year in and year out. Where did you stay while on island? and any help promoting my condo would be appreciated. Aloha Bruce

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruceofmaui View Post
    Where did you stay while on island? and any help promoting my condo would be appreciated. Aloha Bruce
    We based out of Kihei across from Kam II which is about as wheelchair friendly a place as I've been. What I can say about accessible rentals is they were hard to come by and the term was loosely interpreted. The resorts are all beautiful but expensive and not my style anyway. Between friends and Island magic, we scored a place but I had you down on the list.

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