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Thread: Nu-Hope Binders w/Colostomy

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    Nu-Hope Binders w/Colostomy

    With all the talk about colostomies from time to time some may wonder if it's still possible to wear an abdominal binder. Not to sound like a company spokesman, but yes it is.

    I wear a Nu-Hope Cool Comfort abdominal belt which you can get in different sizes and can be customized to fit your stoma location. I called the company and told them the size I wanted, the ostomy supplies I use and how far from the bottom I wanted the opening. They'll give you the custom product number and the name of a dealer where you can place the order as they are the manufacturer and don't sell directly to the public.

    The colostomy products I use are the New Image two-piece system from Hollister. A flange fits around your stoma and sticks to the skin. Then the pouch attaches to the flange. You can then feed the empty pouch through the opening of the belt which has a plastic ring that fits tightly around the opening where the pouch attaches to the flange. If everything is fitted correctly, the binder adds a bit of security at the pouch and the flange itself keeps the binder from riding up on you.

    It works good for me and if any of this sounds confusing I can post pictures. I'm not sure how this would work with one-piece colostomy supplies because I've never used them before.

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    I just saw this. Will you please post pictures of how this fits over your stoma? Does it move around, or have to be adjusted during the day, to keep from putting side pressures on the wafer? I have two ostomies, uro and colo, one on each side of my stomach; do you think this binder can work for me?


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    QV, I'm sorry I couldn't reply until now, but I have three pictures of the binder with my supplies they give you an idea of how it fits.

    The first picture shows the binder and it has a plastic ring that fits snugly around the appliance that you use. The second picture has a wafer behind it. The last picture is what it would look like on the inside with the pouch attached. Notice how tightly the ring fits around the outer plastic portion of the pouch with the tabs on the inside. This keeps the binder from moving while at the same time giving you extra peace of mind that the pouch can't get yanked off the wafer.

    The biggest pain is measuring where the opening should go when placing the order and hoping the final product puts it exactly where you intended. If you have a stoma on both sides that would make that portion more difficult. Plus, I'm not sure if you'd run into any difficulties trying to fasten the Velcro on the binder with an appliance on both sides.

    You could try contacting Nu Hope directly and see if they have any thoughts on it. I hope this helps.

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    Hey thanks for the pics and explaining, DTOMA. Looks like a good setup. I'll have to give the company a call.

    Been at the VA, is why I only just saw this.

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    No problem. I hope all is well on your end.

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    Can't complain, thanks. I hope you and yours are well, also.

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