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Thread: Different Types of Hard Backs (manual chairs)

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    Different Types of Hard Backs (manual chairs)

    I am starting to do some research into a hard back for my chair (TiLite ZRa). In earlier chairs I used a Jay Xtreme (appears to now be discontinued). I ordered my current chair a few years ago with just the upholstery (sling) back in order to save some weight on the chair, and I thought that perhaps it would encourage more active use of my muscles. I do use my trunk muscles, but on long days I get SO tired and my posture starts to suffer. I'd like to go with a very low back, but by having a hard back it will support me better (although I'm interested in the Supracor back that's coming out, but haven't heard anything about it).

    I own a Varilite Icon low back, but the hardware for mounting this (and the brackets attached to the back itself) take up a lot of space, and have torn up my car where I load it. It's also quite heavy, whenever I take it off of my chair I'm amazed at how much less it weighs! Also, with the quick release system, somehow every week or so I'd knock it loose, and twist or bend it, so someone would have to get out the Allen wrenches and re-adjust everything.

    I guess my ideal would be low profile, very light weight, and affordable (ha!). =) Any input or reviews on backs you own/have had?

    **I'm editing this to say that I think part of the problem with the Icon getting messed up was that it was just too adjustable. I think the durability of something more fixed would be better...if I don't noticed that I've twisted the back and end up sitting crooked all day (or weeks)...**
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    I have a Roho Jetstream Pro on my zra. Carbon fiber, very light weight, love it. There was a thread about them recently with pictures of the back and the mounting hardware if you search the site should be easy to find.

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    Guess I was being selfish, and wanted answers specifically pertaining to my situation (and that I forgot to do a search and read your post). I'll post my question in your thread to make it all more cohesive!

    Thanks for your answer, too, t8burst - I think it'll have to be carbon fiber to save any weight.

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