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Thread: Bowel Program? Need advice

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    Bowel Program? Need advice

    I'm a busy person band sometimes my "program" is an inconvenience and I will wait a day before I go #2. I used to go every other day, then every 3 or 4 days. Now my body right now seems to be happy with a bowel movement every 5 days. Is that too long of a wait in between poops?

    If poo programs have a special thread with answers I'd need, please gimme a link. Sorry if these kind of questions have been answered.
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    Five days is too long. You will also find that the longer between programs, the longer they take. This is because the longer the stool stays in your colon, the drier and harder it gets.

    You are also running a serious health risk by waiting so long. You really should try to get back to the every other day program that has worked for you in the past. I am surprised that waiting so long is not causing you some serious discomfort. I guess it depends on you sensation level as an incomplete. Bottom line though, it is not good to wait so long. You need to get that waste out.--eak

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    I think standard protocol in rehabilitation scenarios is a bowel program (BP) every other day. That said, there are many able bodied people (my sister, for one) who only has a bowel movement every third day. "NORMAL" when it comes to bowel movements has a broad range. I think stretching your BP to every 5 days is a bit much, but I guess if it is working for you and you don't have accidents in between and are not uncomfortable, who is anyone to argue with your routine.

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    The usual recommendation is 3x weekly and you should stick with that as much as possible. If you occasionally miss a day for certain life events, it shouldn't be a big problem.


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