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Thread: Testicles --

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    Testicles --

    Hi there,
    sorry for the blunt title. I hope it is not offensive, and that I wont continue to be, because I intend on being detailed about this problem I have...

    I think I may have one testicle now? I have a fairly small sack and penis and I'm a big guy and add the fact that I've got hair down there, I may not have noticed this issue...

    I firs noticed that my sack was tight but I attributed that to the winter whenever I saw it. My sack was rarely "relaxed" and remained "tight" and "smaller" as I had noticed, but again I said it was the cold...

    now that I am less busy with my job and I recently moved in with my mother again. I am beginning to take notice...

    when I make transfers, withou underwear (like when im out of the shower) or when im in my PJ's with no underwear... I notice that I tend to "sit on" my testicles... and I would often cringe and think "hmm... would that have hurt?" and pass it off....

    could I have crushed my testicle?

    also... I have a lot of problems with LAYING DOWN ON MY STOMACH -- could this be related?

    also... I have a lot of bladder problems with FREQUENCY but no infections are ever found -- could this be related?

    I really dont want to bring this up with my doctor, how would I? its awkward, embarassing, and im not a fan of having my small testicle(s) look at...

    is this a serious issue?



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    You need to get over your reluctance to talk to your doctor. Trust me, it is nothing they have not seen before (except yours). If you are not comfortable with your doctor, you need to find another one. You need to be able to talk about anything.

    This could be caused by a serious issue or be nothing to worry about. Only your doctor can tell you.

    Put it in perspective, would you rather post pictures here?--eak

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    You need to see your urologist about this. I am surprised that your urologist has not routinely done an exam of your testicles as part of your annual check-up. This would certainly be within the standard of care. A retracted testicle (one that has pulled up into the abdominal cavity) in an adult generally requires treatment.

    Have you had epididymitis since your SCI?


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    I have had shrinkage over the last four years. One factor was low testosterone. I then went on the Androderm and they had some shrinkage and stabilized. Have your doctor or urologist check you T-levels.

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    I was wondering if it could have gone back up into your belly. is this common KLD?
    in horses it can happen. it can turn to cancer if not removed at least according to the vet.
    Im interested in knowing the out come of your situation mr swordfish.

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    Hi Swordfish,

    I remember at your age, I was about the same way. Take my word for it, you'll get to the point where just about anyone (medical) tells you to drop your pants, you will not have a second thought about it. If you have not had a urodynamics test, you're really in for a treat!!! Swallow your modesty and talk to your's easier than you think.

    Good luck.
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    its not a painful test. if you get Ad, tell them so they can get it done fast.
    they do put a little sensor up your bum and you get leads(wires) hanging off and out of you.

    its a very important test, but how does it relate to an ascended testicle? wouldnt they see it better with an ultrasound?
    im just curious, so sorry for being so interested in your missing nut Mr swordfish.

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    It happens to me once in awhile, the sitting on them, and my fav retort is," Oh my gawd, I bet that hurt!"

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    Have you had epididymitis since your SCI?

    SCI_Nurse, I"m 3 year post T7 complete. Just last week had epididymitis that the left testis swollen so huge almost 5 times the right testis.

    And this caused me to had high fever almost 105.8 F. In hospital almost a week. JUst discharged yesterday, will see him again in 2 weeks time. According the my urologist, my left testis most propably will not shrink back to its usual size anymore but this won't harm the sperms production.
    Is this true?

    Why and how this testis swelling happened? Is that sitting in wheelchair all day long that squeezing n heat generated on to the testis will cause any problems?

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    No, epididymitis has nothing to do with your seating posture. It is an infection that travels up your spermatic tubes from your urethra and bladder to your testicles. You are more at risk because you have a neurogenic bladder.

    Is this urologist an expert in neurologic urology or andrology? I am concerned that he told you that epididymitis does not effect your fertility. In fact, studies show that even one episode of epididymitis in men with SCI can seriously decrease their sperm count, when and if they are able to ejaculate. This is one reason to get treatment immediately when it occurs.

    In addition, repeated episodes can lead to testicular abscesses, which are usually treated by surgical removal of the testicle.


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