New England Cord Blood Bank, Inc., a U.S. Private Stem Cell Bank, Announces the Opening of a New Laboratory in Mexico

BOSTON, Feb. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- On February 17, 2002, New England Cord Blood Bank, Inc., one of the largest private cord blood stem cell banks in the United States will be meeting to expand its operations by opening a full service private stem cell laboratory in Mexico and Venezuela. John Rizza, the President of New England Cord Blood Bank, Inc., will be traveling to Mexico to meet with two representatives from the Mexican Health Ministry. Also joining Mr. Rizza will be Teodoro Myslabodski, the President of Banco de Cordon Umbilical; the largest private stem cell company in Mexico. Their meeting will revolve around the guidelines to be followed by Mr. Rizza in opening one of the first private stem cell laboratories in Mexico. The major topics to be discussed include the Mexican guidelines for licensing and permitting as well as laws governing the regulation of cryogenic processing laboratories in Mexico. These talks are expected to last through the week.

"I believe that expecting families across the globe have the right to make this miracle possible. There is an increasing international demand for cord blood banking services. Our goal is to make it simple and affordable, while still maintaining the highest level of quality," said Mr. Rizza. Within the next several months, Banco de Cordon Umbilical's President, Teodoro Myslabodski will also be assisting in the grand opening of a new Venezuelan office; Banco de Cordon Umbilical -- Venezuela. This preludes objectives set forth by Mr. Rizza towards further international expansion to Europe, South America and Asia.

Scientists have discovered that umbilical cord blood stem cells, once discarded as medical waste, are an effective treatment for several blood and immune disorders. Latest stem cell research has shown that stem cells may be an effective treatment for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease and spinal cord injuries.

New England Cord Blood Bank, Inc., is one of the largest and most experienced cord blood banks in North America. It has already established its Mexican operation, Banco de Cordon Umbilical, currently the largest stem cell bank in the country. New England Cord Blood Bank is affiliated with New England Cryogenic Center, Inc., one of the most recognized full-service cryobanks in the world, having processed human cells and tissue for over 20 years.


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