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Thread: Wheelchair Help Please

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    Wheelchair Help Please

    I have MS and still have use of my upper body. I have been trying to pick out a new manual chair. I have had two Quickies and one Ti lite. I have a Quickie Ti at present that is over 7 years old and in bad shape. I have looked at Ti lite chairs and have a script for a ZRA s2, but have read bad things about them. I don't know what to do.

    Any suggestions will be helpful.

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    We were self-pay so no help from anywhere was coming our way. The one thing I wish I had been able to do is test drive the chairs first. I would talk to the DME supplier and ask to get a trial run for each chair you like.

    I hope you find your next chair soon and that it's perfect for you.

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    I have experienced many issues with the ZRA s2. I have a video review of the chair on my website. Feel free to click the link below. I am still waiting for it to be fixed. I think the zra s2 chair has caused many problems for many people.

    I would suggest trial as much as you can. I know that my next chair will not be a tilite due to the poor experience I have had with the DME and tilite.

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    While some people have had some issues with the TiLite ZRAS2, there are others that after they got their replacement parts have been fine. I have a TiLite ZR S1 and I love it. My husband has the TiLite ZR S2 and also loves his. Not everyone has had the issues others have do research on those issues and see if that is going to potentially apply to you.
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    I have a series 2 zra and love it. Had no issues at all. I have the super light edition with the carbon fiber camber tube and new backrest hardware. Its a great chair (so far)

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    If concerned about the S2, why not simply order the S1?
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    Keep your eye on Top End. They have a new fixed-frame chair that is coming to market later this year. You might also consider their current line as well.

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    I also have MS... Sucks... Just can't walk very far. I got a loaded Top End Terminator Ti. LOVE IT! It also breaks down to fit in the trunk pretty easily and fast. Super light, quiet and rugged. I'm actually just healing up some banked up ribs from taking a spill down a huge step I didn't see. Chair is flawless. (it's my head that is fubar... lol) This chair is superb. The only catch I see so far is you do need to know your measurements as it's not very adjustable (though there is a similar, more adjustable version from the parent company called the A6 I think.).

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    Thanks everyone I really appreciate your suggestions. I've had three manual chairs the past 15 years plus and this time I'm trying to get it right.

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