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Thread: Pray for Christian Egyptians these days

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    2 Christians killed by Muslim Fundamentalists till now!

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    3 Christians killed till now!

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    Please be very careful drnader.

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    I'm so sorry drnader, I know how optimistic you were for the future of the new Egypt......

    Egypt: 10 killed in religious clashes in Cairo

    Ten people have been killed in clashes between Muslims and Christians in Egypt's capital Cairo overnight.

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    U should always be suspicious of certain people, (know what I mean!)
    God have mercy on us!

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    Religion and politics = a dangerous mix. Why must fools always try to blend them? I had hoped for better news. I do indeed pray for your continued safety, and for the success of your transition over there.

    Ehhh, we've always known a small radical element would be angered when bin Laden met the inevitable. Your citizenry should not attack one another for the choices made by a madman; and bin Laden committed suicide when he entered the terrorism field. It just took a while.

    Please keep posting! Your perspective is much more reliable than any news source we have.

    To quote the most powerful, famous piece of American poetry ever..."Liberty and justice for all."

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    islam is a very serious danger to non-muslims! surely my prayer goes out to all people for peace especially in islamic countries that are under sharia law. my prayers are humble! God bless!
    life begins when you walk in spirit

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    Quote Originally Posted by drnader View Post
    It seems now it will be only freedom to kill Christian Egyptians "Copts"
    The next time you see the USA trying to spread democracy, you run like HELl. The people here are not the ones dying…

    Stay safe

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    I don't know how these people think! They think democracy is to kick Christians out of Egypt.
    They tell us to migrate to our Christian countries like Canada, Europe and the USA, in hope that someday they will demolish them over the heads of the infidels (us and you)!

    I don't know how the Muslim Americans think about this?.

    We don't want to hear the shiny opinions from the outside about democracy and freedom, we want to hear the truth that lies in your hearts about the contradiction of your beliefs and the country that made you respectable human beings???

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    If religious fundamentalists of any kind are in control, people who believe differently are in trouble. Sad but true.

    Our politicians talk a good game, but that's all.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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