Hello, my name is Karen and my husband was recently approved for the medtronics intrathecal pain pump. He suffered herniated disks in his cervical spine, a stroke to the spinal cord from an accident in 2006. Since that time he has had two anterior and posterior cervical fusions. The first one failed in 2008 and he had the second one done with a prosthetic disk placed anteriorally. He is fused from T-1 through C2 posterior and C2 through C6 anterior. He is in chronic pain-primarily from muscle spasms. He uses the fentanyl patch, baclofan and oxycodone for pain--but of course, he has become accustomed to the medications and they have lost their effectiveness.

We were at first excited to have him get the pump, but now are quite concerned about things such as the size of the pump, location, possible spinal cord damage due to the catheter, interference in sexual intimacy due to the location of the pump, taking a bath in our jacuzzi, traveling, etc.

Would someone be so kind as to let me know what sort of experience you have had and whether you feel this pump is worth the risks?

Thank you so much! I appreciate your help