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Thread: Exoskeletons

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    TED Talks

    I thought that this was pretty cool... You've all probably seen some but this is one of the latest... I believe.

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    sorry but I don't like this or stuff like this, sure it encompess, walking but what about feeling function or walking,... It's just a bandaid
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    Exoskeletons are crap for SCI.

    PD: i hate the girl so much.
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    These exoskeletons are OK, however, they don't appear to be very efficient. You can cover ground much faster with a manual chair, or a power chair, for a fraction of the cost.

    As a para, I can't envision how a bulky backpack of batteries, wires, crutches, and a CPU could help me get in and out of my vehicle more efficiently than I already do, much less cover ground at 1 foot for every 2-3 seconds.

    Fine idea, but not very practical, IMHO.

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    Well, I guess I'm going to be the one to say that I really like this type of technology. It will only get better and does have to go through the FDA hoops?

    Listen, maybe I've said this before but I'm a techie. I was at a convention in New York years ago when Real Audio became Real Video for the web. This convention was full of audio and video people that all thought it looked and sounded like shit. It has evolved hasn't it? How many of us now watch streaming.....not even on the web?

    Long story short.......I see the same milestones being reached with this type of technology.

    Ah, I'm typing after a few beers...a nice bock. I'm going to read this tomorrow and think WTF.

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    I have actually tried this and when I first heard of it, I was really excited (this is before I had understood anything about efforts to cure spinal cord injury).
    Well, it didn't do anything for me other than I was able to bend my leg a little. I guess for some incompletes it might be good for rehab, but it's very expensive and you have to have the right sizes for the patients, making it very expensive for hospitals to even use.

    I agree with the comments about it being crap and a bandaid.

    What's worse is that the suit was developed with public funds at a university and now they've set up a private company to sell the suits and while one of their purposes was for sci and other people needing assisted efforts for walking, I would say that their main goal is to sell it for factories and other places where amplified strength is necessary. Thus in Japan, the company doing the sales is Daiwa House (general building contractors).

    You can read more about this suit at It's extremely bulky and takes way too much time to put on. It took over a half hour just to put it on for me that was with two people helping.

    At the end of the day, if this suit was developed specifically for sci, the money could have been much better spent.
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    Do you all remember the first computers? They were massive in size! this is just the beginning of this technology. I'm hoping that one day (if other therapies have not helped us by then) this type of suit will be so refined that it will be worn under your regular clothes, or it will at least be less bulky in size! I know my son would gladly strap on a back pack and some leg fittings if it meant that he could stand up and walk!

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    In this clip, she is walking in Delhi (after treatment by Geeta Shroff)

    I think she does not need much help, and this exo. helps maybe very little and its probably not for everyone with sci (complete sci)

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    Body weight support treadmill training alone does not appear to be the answer. Most of the research shows a need for over ground, weight bearing, gait training. I think there could be a rehabilitation application.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wildwilly View Post
    Body weight support treadmill training alone does not appear to be the answer. Most of the research shows a need for over ground, weight bearing, gait training. I think there could be a rehabilitation application.
    I agree. This is obviously not a cure or even an efficient way of getting around yet. However, once therapies become available to get us out of our chairs a lot of us are going to need a lot of help to learn to walk again and if exoskeletons exist which can provide variable levels of assistance whilst we are re-learning to walk, that is going to save a lot of falling over. I for one would be happy to use one of these as a form of physiotherapy right now, so that when the cure arrives I have less relearning to do and I am more ready to take advantage of the cure.

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