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Thread: Exercise!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by roc21 View Post
    thank hard as it is for u to get motivted and start, once u get going and get a routine, and start eating healthy, itll come easy....for me its always been a way of will be amazed how good u feel once your into it!....

    hmmm, maybe ill make some vids to go with my workout proper technique and alternatives/adaptations for what some cant do normaly.....
    Def would be a good idea making some videos!! I never understand the descriptions of exercises....
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    A physical therapist recommended these several years ago. They are low impact workouts to get started with a routine. I got mine from a long time ago. Now they are $13.49 They actually have a couple of new ones out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drew82586 View Post
    Wow, that looks really good, I'm gna have to try that. Minus the rice... lol I can't stand the texture of rice! yuk! but mmm! thanks
    thank Fuentes ) He was the inventor--minus the rice your lucky you don't like rice..I need carbs with all meals or I get low blood sugar..and feel hungry. (

    but don't need much..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chelley03 View Post
    Get that butt in gear girl!! =)~
    Yes it is hard to workout on your own. You got lots of goodies so use em! My dining room is my gym. Now I dont do this every morning but I make sure to tell myself to work out 4 days out of the week. Start out slow.
    My Sched: eat light breakfast--throw on some w.o clothes--Baby goes down for a nap--head to my equipment. (I spend an hour in there) *and I always switch up my workouts.
    --You will feel better when you start a w.o routine. Just try really hard to stick with it and it gets easier. Becomes second nature! Love yea girlie, MISS YOU!!
    Aw, thanks Chelly!! I promise to get I gear when I get home!
    I miss you! Gonna be in Folsom on the 8th for a week! Let's try and get together
    God is good

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