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Thread: Midodrine and Vision

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    Midodrine and Vision

    I know there are a few members who take Midodrine for orthostatic hypotension (NOH) or postural hypotension. One of the rare side effects can be visual field defect. I have been experiencing a shimmering or mirage effect in my peripheral vision a few hours a day for a few months. (It is not related to general headaches or migraines). It isn't any thing that is painful or even terribly distracting, but it is there quite regularly. I talked to my primary care and he isn't particularly worried, but we agreed I should and have scheduled an eye exam with my ophthalmologist and a visit with my cardiologist.

    I am just wondering if any one of you, who take Midodrine, have had this experience.

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    Just wanted to give my thread a bump to possibly get some feedback.

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    Although not a common side effect of proamatine, both vision blurring and visual field cuts have been reported with this drug. A vision exam is probably a good idea, and should include screening for problems such as glaucoma.


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