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Thread: Just Published, the Cethrin results

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    Just Published, the Cethrin results

    This is the long awaited report of the phase I/IIa trial of Cethrin.

    1. J Neurotrauma. 2011 Mar 8. [Epub ahead of print]
    A phase I/IIa clinical trial of a recombinant Rho protein antagonist in acute spinal cord injury.

    Fehlings M, Theodore N, Harrop J, Maurais G, Kuntz C, Shaffrey CI, Kwon BK, Chapman JR, Yee A, Tighe A, McKerracher L.
    University of Toronto, Surgery, 399 Bathurst Street, Suite 4W-449, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5T 2S8, 416-603-5627, 416-603-5298;


    The Rho pathway has been shown to be important in the neuronal response to growth inhibitory proteins after CNS injury. BA-210 (trademarked as Cethrin®) blocks activation of Rho and has shown promise in preclinical animal studies of spinal cord injury. This is a report of a Phase I/IIa clinical study designed to test the safety, tolerability, and neurological status of patients following a single dose of BA-210 applied during surgery following acute spinal cord injury. Patients with thoracic or cervical SCI were sequentially recruited in this dose ranging, multi-centre study of 48 patients with complete ASIA A assessment. Vital signs, clinical laboratory tests, computed tomography scans , magnetic resonance imaging, and ASIA assessment were performed in the pre-study period and in follow-up periods out to one year after treatment. The treatment-emergent adverse events that were reported were typical for a population of acute spinal cord injury patients, and no serious adverse events were attributed to the drug. The pharmacokinetic analysis showed low levels of systemic exposure to the drug, and there was high inter-patient variability. Changes in ASIA motor scores from baseline were low across all dose groups in thoracic patients (1.8 ± 5.1) and larger in cervical patients (18.6 ± 19.3). The largest change in motor score was observed in the cervical patients treated with 3 mg of Cethrin where a 27.3 ± 13.3 point improvement in ASIA motor score at 12 months was observed. Approximately 6% of thoracic patients converted from ASIA A to ASIA C or D compared to 31% of cervical patients and 66% for the 3 mg cervical cohort. While the patient numbers are small, the observed motor recovery in this open-label trial suggests that BA-210 may increase neurological recovery after complete spinal cord injury. Further clinical trials in spinal cord injury with Cethrin are planned to establish evidence of efficacy.

    PMID: 21381984 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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    Thanks Dr. Young. Did the authors posit any explanation for the seemingly more positive results for cervical injuries?

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    Positive news. How soon till Phase III?
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    Who owns the rights? Not Alseres right?
    And the truth shall set you free.

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    Thank you, Wise.

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    Approximately 6% of thoracic patients converted from ASIA A to ASIA C
    A couple questions... that seems low and also what percentage converted in the control group?

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    Thanks Dr. Young. Can you interpret the results for us? Are these results positive or meh?

    I know these are more safety studies, but purely focusing on results.

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    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Cervical A's to C-Ds is absolutely freaking fantastic! And I finally picked a biotech stock that may not disappear. Any chance they'll try this acutely in atraumatic completes? I mean surgery is rarely done with a golden hour so there should be time to rule out non-permenant conditons like GBS where many recover.
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    Cethrin is good but only if cethrin story and story of this
    biotech stock was not connected with some murky, greedy games.
    The Boston Globe text
    I know that scientists from Toronto did pure and honest research here, regardless.
    Hope that Cethrin story goes back to salamander's eye from where was generated 20 years ago and I really hope cethrin will start to make difference in SCI cases...much faster after these results.

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    to what we know about nature
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