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Thread: I Am Hurting

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    I Am Hurting

    Nothing more to say. I am in pain.

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    we all have different pains, some worse than others.......

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    I feel you. Normally I can deal with my pain. Day by day is how I do it. But tonight it's getting to me. Can't sleep because of it so here I am online.

    All I can say is hope it gets better. Think day by day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtravla View Post
    Nothing more to say. I am in pain.
    Don't know if this helps but I'm hurting too, we all are.
    Hang on Brother.

    Be Big,
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    Sorry to hear. You aren't alone, don't know if that helps or makes it worse.
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    im burning, burning.......................

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    This weather got me FUBAR..

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtravla View Post
    Nothing more to say. I am in pain.
    sorry to hear it, hope you the best
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    Really sorry you have it bad right now. It's shit, not much more to say. Bad pain is a personal hell if it goes on and on and on......................hope you yet some relief some time soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidsons View Post
    im burning, burning.......................


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