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Thread: T-6 Incomplete

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    T-6 Incomplete

    My name is William. I just joined this forum. I wanted to join so that i can get info and hear others stories. I was in a motorcycle accident May 23rd, 2010. I was coming up on a turn and couldnt see how sharp the turn was. i turned as hard as i could to make the turn, i would of made the turn if it wasnt for gravel in the middle of the road. the gravel made my bike skip which threw me off head first into the gaurdrail. I suffered a t-6 compression fracture. Im in the army and going through a med board process which means ill be getting out soon. Im also married and my wife is in the army too also getting out for me. so far its been 10 months post injury. I can feel my bladder getting full so i know when i have to use a cathater and i know when i have to go number 2. I can feel my legs being moved and know when people grab and mess with my legs and feet. Its like i can feel everything in the inside but cant feel the outside. I have alot of spasms. I recently started bening able to flex my back muscles all the way down to my tail bone. i can also push out my stomach and very little suck it in. I would like to hear from other people how theyre healing is going so that i can stay positive. thank you all for reading and sharing. talk to u soon

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    Welcome William. Hope they are treating you well.

    For good info about the med board process and the transition to civilian life as well as what to expect from the VA go to It is a board similar to Care Cure that is written by vets and VSO's as well as psychologists and former VA employees where you will get the straight poop. There is also a section on Med Boards in that forum.

    I hope you will go to the site I suggest and sign up. It is a very good site for info and I'm sure you want to cover all bases during this transition. They can help.

    Once again, Welcome William and hope to see you at VBN.
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    Hey William,

    I like you am new to these boards but Ive been injured for almost 10 years now so I am not new to the SCI life. It is alot to take in at first I wont lie but as the days go by you learn tricks and ways to overcome or adapt to life in a chair. I would recommend you speak with your local PVA rep if you havent already. There are grants and all types of benifits given to those with service connection injuries. I would also keep in touch with your Recreation Therapy as they usually do all types of cool outings including the Winter Sports and Summer Sports clinics. They are absolutely ace... if you havent gone to one I would sign up for both and take the wife on a trip to Snow Mass or San Diego. You wont regret it and even if its out of your comfort zone by the weeks end you wont want to leave. You will also meet alot of new people some of which may be local to you. I personally been to both and even though San Diego is in my own backyard I had so much fun doing most of the activities that are not in my normal day to day. Please feel free to drop me a line if you have questions or just need some one to chat with. -Brian

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    hi willam, im almost in the exact same shoes as you. motorcyle accident in 2007 t-4 incomplete. you have any questions hit me up. find me on facebook. my name is josue lopez. you going to the wheelchair games this year?
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    Hey William. Welcome! T7 incomplete. Motorcycle accident as well.

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    Josue, I would strongly recommend that you remove your personal e-mail address from your post (a moderator can do this for you if you want). Leaving it on a public forum like this leaves you open to collection and use of your e-mail address by spam bots and internet spiders that will put you on a lot of spam mailing lists. People from this forum you want to reach you can send you a PM or (if you have enabled it) a private e-mail without revealing your address.


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    thanks nurse

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    Lopez, just interested. Your a veteran I think; is the VA doing any work on spinal injuries like stem cell? Just wondering.

    keeping on

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    Welcome William. So gald you're here - so much wisdom, expertise and support from this community.

    Thank you, and your wife, for your service.
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    motorcycle did me in also. i'm a t-4 complete. i learn so much from this site. hope you can do the same

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