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Thread: Spastic paraplegia and Antibiotics?

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    Neal, welcome to the forum. Your description of improvement after receiving antibiotics makes me wonder if Tokahfang is onto something - certain infections, including Lyme's disease, can cause neurological symptoms that mimic other conditions. It would be rather surprising for a low dose of antibiotics for only two days to help Lyme's to the degree you describe, but your experience suggests that specific blood tests might be good for you to have - it wouldn't hurt, and might help, especially since you're dealing with a diagnosis of exclusion. Best wishes with this.

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    Thanks Bonnette,
    I took antibiotics for 5 days (3 x a day) not 2, so that may make more sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nealb View Post
    I took antibiotics for 5 days (3 x a day) not 2, so that may make more sense.
    Sorry, nealb, I misread your initial post. It usually takes weeks-to-months of IV antibiotic therapy to make headway with an established case of Lyme disease, but in your shoes I think I'd still want to check into it.

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    Heh, the doctor doing my lumbar puncture said it was like going through a brick wall, spastic as my back gets. It did hurt, but it ruled out PPMS, so I think it was worth it. I didn't get any bad aftereffects, just the "brick wall back" pain.

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