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Thread: Ricon Clearway lift problems?

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    Lightbulb Ricon Clearway lift problems?

    I'm buying a new van with a Ricon Clearway lift. Any problems or concerns?
    What about snow, ice and below zero temp problems? I'd really appreciate any feedback!

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    I have a clearway model #s1231 and it is a rattle trap,the hydraulics squeal terribly, and the ricon door closers suck! Would never have another one. My Braun was much quieter and the door closers worked 1000 times beter.

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    When did you buy it? Has it ever failed you? Thanks alot!

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    Was talked into it by Mobility Works once installed they just kept insuring me it could be fixed, 1 year later and doors still dont shut real tight. Yes it has failed me more in the 1 year than my braun did in 7 years, twice in a rain storm I was stuck half way up, had to manually raise it to get in van. If I had a choice I would change to a Braun.

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    Ya it's been an ongoing hell. This slide-away is junk. I'm just trying not to get screwed again when I buy the new van.

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