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Thread: Pork Sirloin Tacos

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    Pork Sirloin Tacos

    Marinated pork sirloin in the following for about 4 hours.
    1/2 Cup - Orange Juice
    1/4 Cup - Vegetable Oil
    2 TSP - Cumin
    1 TBS - Chili Powder
    1 TBS - Oregano
    1 TBS - Minced Garlic
    1 TBS - Minced Onion
    Salt and Pepper

    First things first.

    Epic lime in the mouth pic!! Think it was tart???

    Cooked this meal on the Smokey Joe, it's been lonely lately.

    Time for a quick sear on the pork.

    Dinner is ready along with pico de gallo!!

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    damn, damn, damn, those look great!
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    Dammit man, I've going to start paying you to ship me prepared dishes!!
    And the truth shall set you free.

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    We grilled out Sat because it got to 40.
    Pitiful compared you yours, but was good.
    We had chicken breasts marinated in Italian dressing, foil taters and colored peppers.
    The peppers were outrageously expensive, but had to have them the first grill.
    Now we have double digit inches of snow headed out way.....

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    seems delicious. great

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