Cody was at UPMC Presby ICU in Pittsburgh for 2 months, then Rehab at UPMC Mercy, but the Rehab was ended due to his flap surgery. He needed discharged from the hospital due to insurance, so he was then transported to a nursing home closer to home after his surgery. When we got the Clinitron, he came home...flat out refused to go back to a hospital for rehab. I did find him a good civil law firm, however, we are told that since the act was intentional and not an accident, there can be no compensation from home or car insurance. This mans house has been paid off for twenty years and the family seems well off, but we are also told that we are not entitled to anything that also has the wifes name on it. So the best we can probably hope for is to get a lien against his home. Cody worked on their property, they sell organic foods to restaurants in Pittsburgh. Now he can't do that, and Terra, in the past babysat at home, but she has her hands full with being Cody's caretaker and a toddler. They have no income right now, I hope disability happens for him soon.