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Thread: Newbie-what wheels to put on this?

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    Newbie-what wheels to put on this?

    I want to make this wheelchair more all terrain friendly:

    I have CMT, a neurological disorder. My hands and arms are also pretty weak. What hand rims do quads like the best? The ones on this are metal, and they are hard to get a grip on, esp if I am using it in a backcountry setting over rocks and lumps. What about casters? Or those big wheels you put on the front that make the wheelchair a 3 wheeler for all terrain use?

    Thanks for any advice,


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    I don't have an SCI (I have motor neuro and pain) but I can tell you what has worked for me so far. I have an acrylic coated handrim that I use the most- I wear gloves because they can get hot while breaking. The gloves also give me more grip for less effort on any wheel I've used- dry or wet. I've used a Natural Fit handrim and it was fine for around town, but didn't hold up well (for me) when I went over a non-smooth surface.

    When I noticed the biggest difference is when I started looking at wheel weight. Lighter the wheel- less effort it takes for me to push it. I chucked my mag wheels two seconds after I tried my Spinergy's.

    I'm no expert; just sharing what's worked for me so far.

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    Hey Sara glad to see u pushing out doors My hand rims are coated with Blax grip. these really help. Any handrim with grip or coated is better for quads. I stay away from steel handrims lol.

    Also i was looking at this website for off road tires check it out!
    coolbreeze c6/7

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