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Thread: Bladder Flush with SP Cath

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    Bladder Flush with SP Cath

    I have read with great interest all the posts about using Microcyn and Vetericyn as a bladder flush to prevent the on set of a uti. I have purchased some and used it to flush my bladder and SP cath from time to time. A trick I have used in the past and still use today is to take one antibiotic pill (cipro or bactrim DS) and drop it in a large bottle (1000ml) of saline irrigation fluid and let it dissolve. Then I shake it up to mix it well and use an irrigation kit and clamp to fill my bladder and clamp it off for about 20 minutes.

    This process seams to stop an the on set of a uti in it's tracks if done after I feel the first symptoms.

    Just my .02 and FYI

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    I am glad that this practice has worked for you in the short term, but I am not sure it is a good long term practice from an antibiotic resistance standpoint. I would advise that you speak with either your primary care doctor, epidemiologist, infectious disease physician or urologist about setting yourself up for bacteria overgrowth/resistance syndrome.

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