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Thread: Power Balance Bracelets

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    Power Balance Bracelets

    I know this is dumb but a friend of mine bought me a powerbalance bracelet. It is the one made out of silicone. I think it does work a little in helping with flexibility. Does anyone think that this does work? Its free and a bit stylish so why not wear it is my motto.

    Here is the link if you never heard of them before

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    Voodoo science. The power of the placebo effect.


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    $30 for a 'livestrong' type bracelent that I get from the bike shops for $1 for two... Wow, I'm in the wrong business...

    Ya, there's no scientific anything to back these up. Heck even their website doesn't say anything about what they would/should do... All I see on the Power Balance page is how dedicated they supposedly are and how so many fools believe in them.

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    right up there with homeopathy..... and the old 'well you never know if you don't try' line just makes you poorer and some con artist richer.

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    you might as well pray.

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    The "Pros" endorsing this have NO credibility. Just out for the bucs.

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    Once again the great powers of the placebo effect.

    I'm going to invent power moustaches!
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    you wont find much respect for that kind of "science", but if its free and stylish then by all means, wear it if you like. just dont expect it to do anything

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    I love the fact that the "tests" only show the before Power Balance results, and they tell you to go do the tests on your own. Were the after results so bad that they didn't want to include them with their pros? To me that says, go spend $30 to try these tests and then realize that you wasted your money...
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    I figured it does not work but it is pretty cool to wear as I have red and blue like my Stl Cardinals. I did not even know what it was at first when I got it but my friend in the Army did but only paid about 10.00 for it at the Commissary. I found it interesting as alot of people swear that it works.

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