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Thread: First update on Geron's stem cell trials

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    First update on Geron's stem cell trials

    Attended a symposium earlier this week that featured a panel that included Edward Wirth, Medical Director of Regenerative Medicine at Geron. He said that the first update on the results of the embryonic stem cell trials that began last fall in Atlanta will be presented in June (4th-8th) at the International Spinal Cord Society's conference in Washington, D.C.

    He continued emphasizing what we already heard that the purpose of the first phase is the safety of the trial as the amount of cells that have been injected in the first subject is purposely low and so, the expectations are that the subject is not likely to show any significant improvement. They want to make sure that no unintended consequences occur as a result of the trial. Once they're comfortable with the results, they'll inject more cells into the subject.

    They are only going to do the first phase of the trials to T-3 through T-10 acute injuries and are signing up more centers throughout the country to become part of the trials.

    Bad news for acute C-level individuals: don't expect any trials until 2012 at the earliest. I believe he even said nothing yet planned for chronic C-level individuals.

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    Thank you for the Geron/ISCoS information.

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