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Thread: Miralax Question

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    Miralax Question

    I know there are many people here who have taken Miralax for a long time with few or no side effects, but I wonder why the website says not to take it if you have renal disease. Does it pose a particular risk to the kidneys? Thank you.

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    It can cause dehydration which can make borderline renal failure worse. Miralax is the same chemical as Golytely, and is similar to liquid Fleets which is now no longer recommended for bowel preps as there were a number of people who used it for that (prior to colonoscopy) who had borderline renal failure, and this pushed them over the edge to renal failure.

    Do you have renal problems? What are your most recent renal function studies? This would be a Chem 20 and a 24 hour urine for creatinine clearance (we recommend this annually for anyone with a SCI).


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    Thank you, KLD. I am not aware of having renal problems, but the website warning made me wonder if Miralax could actually cause them (as well as make them worse, where they are known to exist). Your counsel about renal function studies is gratefully received, as I've never had a full series performed.
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    My husband takes Miralax 3 times a week-the day before bowel program.
    I hope not another thing to worry aobut. It's good to be aware though.

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