I've used a 4 wheel rollator made by a company called Lifestyle for many years. I use a pouch that straps to the front where I carry my wallet, cell phone, etc. Then I carry other stuff (catheters, my lunch when I go to work, change of clothes if I'm going to the gym, etc) in a basket that I take out when I load the walker in my trunk.

Now for the problem. My old walker broke and I got a new one yesterday. They've changed the design and my basket will no longer fit in the walker (you raise the seat the basket would fit). What I need help with:

- Does anyone know how to contact Lifestyle? The place I bought the walker told me that they come with a snap-in pouch that goes under the seat. That isn't practical for me - I don't want to have to snap it and unsnap it every time I load it in my car. I'd like to call the company myself and ask them if they sell a basket that fits in the new design.

- How do others carry stuff with their walker? Is there a way to carry stuff and easily unnload it in your car that I'm not thinking of. I know I could use a back-pack but would prefer not to do that.

- I tried looking on line for another basket that would fit in the walker but couldn't find one. Does anyone know of a site with walker accessories? I found several baskets on line but none gave the dimensions of the basket.

Thanks for any help.