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Thread: Roskamp Institute has a cure to Alzheimer

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    My mother had Alzheimer from she was 58 until she died two years ago at age 84, I promise all of you at was not a joke and I am much more scared of getting Alzheimer than anything else. I prefer a cure for Alzheimer in front of a cure for SCI, I prefer cancer instead of living all those years with Alzheimer.

    She know at least for 20 years what was wrong with her and it was a nightmare for her, for my father and for me and the children. In the beginning it was not so bad but after a while it was terrible. She was spending three years in a nursing home when my father died, I couldn't take care of her and my small one was afraid of her and of course I had bac concidence for her at the nursing home even if I did visit her nearly every week. She did walk around, she couldn't speak, she didn't recognize anybody the last years. Her body was working ok until the last month but her mind was empty and her life was really not worth living. Her teeth was rottening out of her mouth, I did not know before she was dead, I can't imagine her pain and her fear the last 10 years.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0xSquidy View Post
    That's still too sensitive. I do have a relative with Alzheimer. But what, now we can't make fun of anything? I don't see the problem, unless you can see hurting intention, which i don't think it was the case at all. I laugh about myself too, and nothing gets broken...
    We both have different opinions you are free to have yours and me mine. Was not trying to change anyones opinion...Just pointing out it is at someones expense and so maybe in your opinion people are too sensitive, That being said if you choose that route you do so knowing that your "Joke" is at another's expense and you are most likely going to offend them. There is plenty to make fun of that would not include someone else's hardship ...Like you said you do that about yourself and as long as you are "paying the bills" so to away. By the way if you get Alzheimer's you will not be able to make the jokes you may choose to make now.

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