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Thread: Pressure sore turned into callus

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    Pressure sore turned into callus

    My husband had a pressure sore on his buttocks, which we finally got to heal..sort of. In stead of healing if formed a hard thick callus or it. The callus eventually formed a thick head which really bothered him. The wound nurse said that the callus was from the friction caused when he transferred. She gave him an ointment and bandage which help, but then the callus opened. It was not really a wound, but a split in the callus which then split in two and instead of one callus he now has two. Now one of those callus' is splitting. Have you ever seen this? Is it possible to have the callus removed? The rub together and cause pinching. Any info here is appreciated.

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    A callus that keeping re-opening (splitting) is an area that is still getting injured and/or pressure ... and is therefore, not healed unfortunately.

    You have to be careful with these about what's going on underneath the skin.

    What's he hitting when he transfers?

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    And if it is not opening? I have had one for years and it is there and last time I showed it to the doctor he took it off the callus and said it was nothing to care about. Now it has started to be hard again and I am wondering if it is just ok to take it away and not care.
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    Thanks for your quick response. He has no use of his right hand and foot, limited use of his right arm and leg and his left side is weak. He transfers from his bed to his wheelchair many times a day. We think it is the twisting motion when turning to a sitting position in bed that has caused the callus.

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    Because he is wheelchair bound, I hesitate to cause any open wound on his backside. I have seen how hard pressure sores can be to heal, and how quickly they can get out of hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kathynwolf View Post
    Because he is wheelchair bound, I hesitate to cause any open wound on his backside. I have seen how hard pressure sores can be to heal, and how quickly they can get out of hand.
    First, kudos for spelling callus correctly (not callous, which describes the disposition of . . oh, nevermind).

    Okay, you don't mention where on his buttocks the callus is located. Back when I was originally hospitalized 27 years ago I developed a sore located at the top of the butt crack. It healed with a callus that has been my constant companion ever since. I once peeled it off too aggressively and it split took months to heal, so I see it as nature's Band-aid -- the skin beneath mine is thin, so the callus clearly needs to be there.

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    What kind of wheelchair cushion is he using? I have seen callouses develop on SCI's butts, but the cause was always due to friction while wheeling with little or no cushioning. It always was resolved when the person switched to a Roho or other very pliable cushion that shifted with him or her. The callouses are a pressure sore waiting to happen. They sometimes tear underneath and get infected. It is a problem that must be resolved before it is too late.
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    Yes, that's where his is, just inside crack close to the top. I was thinking it would be there forever until it split and became two. Now that one of them is splitting, I am becoming concerned. With each split, the affected area gets bigger, and I'm afraid if they ever open the wound would be huge.

    Thanks for the benefit of you experience, the wound nurse said she had never seen anything like it.

    I have spell check but got callus on my own.

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    Thanks for reply SCIfor55yrs but his wheelchair is a power-chair and his cushion is one of those expensive air cushions with lots of cells that i have to keep pumped up. It does pinch him if it loses air but I keep it pumped up for him.

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    I would like to thank all who responded to this post. I am blessed to have found a place with so much invaluable experience, and people who are willing to take their time to share it. I am getting that it is what I cannot see that may be more dangerous than what I can see. He uses the VA hospital which gives very good care, but I have learned to always question their opinions and take charge of his care. I'll get an opinion of an outside wound care nurse. Thanks again for the help.

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