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Thread: Buy Premade or DIY?

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    Buy Premade or DIY?

    I went 'off road' (as much as one can in a city) and loved it. So now I want an off roader.

    Question is- I'm fat and need a big chair that can handle the abuse of my 235llbs. So should I save up and buy a made-for-me or find a beater and DIY it with knobbys and a freewheel. I'm sure I'll break a frame hopping around, so I'm thinking aluminum.

    DIY is a hobby of mine too, so I enjoy it. Just want to weigh out the options. Anyone made their own off roader vs buying one? Pluses/Minuses?

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    David has a Frontier X5. Loves it. Do a search for all terain wheelchairs and see what you can come up with.

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    Depends on what you consider off road. There are some serious chairs made for off road, with 4 wheel disc brakes, suspension, etc. for serious money.
    I use a Jeep.

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    depends how skilled you are & how much time you have for DIY.

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    sounds like you have the fever. it did look like fun. i would like to find a good offroader myself. checked the all terrain models, many looked great but could be junk for all i know.
    hope you get some good suggestions, i am thinking manual.

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    I'm fairly skilled with DIY- anything but electronics. For some reason they just don't compute for me. However- power tools, angle grinders, pipe bending- don't bother me. That's just physics to me.

    I don't have a big shop here at home or tons of specific tools. I do have friends who have full shops/pro shops that are willing to help.

    I'm thinking manual, reinforced frame, knobbys, solid seat pan seated on rubber strips, low low backrest (if any- working on two designs right now). More stuff as I go along, I'm sure.

    I looked at the all-terrain chairs and they are expensive (I'm hoping to build for under 2k) and some looked like more than I need. I'm not scaling Everest- I'm banging the hell out of a chair that I take on passable trails, dirty urban areas, and occasionally heading out to the AT.

    Is there a website/blog etc that has info on basic outdoor chairing? I think I need more data. Yeah, I have the bug alright- now I just need to make sure I have all the information on my condition

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    I've been brainstorming a DIY all-terrain chair too. I've seen several designs that wouldn't be too hard to work with if you have the tools/skills(welding, bending, etc).

    I'm just looking for something I can roll around the yard or up and down my dirt road without worrying about breaking a castor on rocks or tree roots or taking a nose dive when I hit a mole tunnel.

    Here are a few I've seen online that I'm thinking on drawing from...

    A bolt on idea from Lasher Sport

    My fav so far bc it has a cargo area at your feet for hauling any beer...i mean gear you might need

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