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Thread: My first muddin walk

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    My first muddin walk

    I'm so excited I just had to share! I went for a walk with my Husband down by the waterfront. It flooded about a week ago and it hadnt been cleaned up- to our surprise. Came to a place that was covered in mud and gunk; though about turning around and just going home.

    Then I said F-it, I'm going through here because *I* want to! It was AWESOME! I loved it and laughed the whole time. I've gotta get a secondary chair so I can do this again! I want to try trail riding now- never thought I'd get to hike again; looks like I was wrong.

    Now to just find a cheap off road beater chair! Something with casters bigger than 4", thats for sure! Jammed my thumb bad on the brakes too- so time to turn them into pull to locks so they are more out of the way. Might lose the thumb; it was SO worth it!

    Me in the mud

    Me in mid hop:

    Proud me at the end:

    I'm covered in mud, sore, banged up and so happy it's probably a sin. I have GOT to do this again!

    There was another patch with a huge big tree down in it-so I had to wheelie across the grass and down a gully. Also so really fun. Plus a kid saw me and told his Mom "wow Cool!"- I'll take that compliment any day.

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    Good for you! You look so happy! I am thrilled for you and wish you many, many more days of discovery like this.

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    looks good blue ring. try ebay for backup chair.

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    Bonnette- I AM so happy! It was so much fun! Fun... thats not enough- it was transformative. I mean I know walkies can go over that like bothin, but it was huge for me lol

    WTF- Yeah lol I'm making a birthday wish list right now! I love eBay, it's where I got this chair. Crossing my fingers that I'll find one big enough for me.

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    that was some bushwhackin!

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