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    Any ideas

    I am a T8 and looking for any good workout ideas or tips for a good workout around the house.
    Also I have been doing sit ups but I cannot go all the way up, any advice?

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    hey , check out my article on is below.....there are basic exercises for at home for major muscles....using dumbells, ankle/wrist weights/ pulleys... if u dont have these, u can find em on the page also so u can see what u need......hit me up with any questions on a workout... steve

    do crunches, not situps if u want to strengthen your abs.....when u do a sit up, psoas muscles are the primary muscle being engaged and not your abdominals.
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    In terms of sit-ups.......if you are doing it alone then maybe invest in a medicine ball? That may help you sit-up all the way?

    Alternatively, get your PT or trainer to get a broomstick and provide you assistance in the quiet spots in your range of motion.

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    Try to do what you can to increase your core strength. I use a weight bench and hold a weight bar and twist side to side. Free weights are the way to go for overall arm, shoulder, and back muscles.
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    NCPAD recommendations

    NCPAD (National Center on Physical Activity and Disability)

    SCI Paraplegia Quick Series Booklet
    US $4.99

    NCPAD Exercise Guide for Individuals with SCI (paraplegia)


    Arm Swings
    Shoulder Rolls
    Arm Circles
    Chest Fly
    Lateral Raise
    Biceps Curl
    Punching Bag
    Cross Punch
    Push Down
    Rope Climb

    Strength Exercises for T1-T6

    Seated Row with Elastic Resistance Band
    Reverse Fly with Elastic Resistance Band
    Chest Press with Elastic Resistance Band
    Internal Rotation with Elastic Resistance Band
    External Rotation with Elastic Resistance Band
    Shoulder Press with Elastic Resistance Band
    Lateral and Front Raise with Weights
    Upright Row with Elastic Resistance Band
    Biceps Curl with Weights
    Triceps Extension with Body Bar or Weights

    Strength Exercises for T11-L4

    Abdominal Crunch
    Straight Leg Extension
    Hip Adduction
    Gluteus Maximus, hamstrings and quadriceps

    Strength Exercises for L5-S5

    Prone Leg Curl


    Neck Rotation
    Lateral Neck Flexion
    Forward Neck Flexion
    Shoulder Roll with Depression
    Posterior Deltoid Stretch
    Anterior Deltoid/Bicep Stretch
    Triceps Stretch
    Trunk Rotation
    Lateral Trunk Flexion (side stretch)
    Chest Stretch with wall or doorway
    Chest Stretch with hands clasped behind
    Wrist Flexion/Extension
    Hamstring Stretch
    Side-Lying Quadriceps Stretch
    Assisted Calf Stretch

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    Thanks for sharing this information !

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    Sit ups are really overrated and unhealthy. It puts enormous strain on your neck and back and doesn't target your abs as much as you may think.

    Crunches are the safest and best way to target your abs.

    Ask any PT or excercise instructor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt42 View Post
    I am a T8 and looking for any good workout ideas or tips for a good workout around the house.
    Also I have been doing sit ups but I cannot go all the way up, any advice?
    I am a T8 and there is no way I could do a sit up. My favorite exercise is dips, its pretty easy to setup parallel bars that you can roll between and do dips from your chair. Its a great exercise that works pretty much all the muscles you need for transferring.

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