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Thread: T10-11 recovery Needs advice from Dr. Wise Young

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    T10-11 recovery Needs advice from Dr. Wise Young

    Hello Dr. Wise young and the community.
    This is Stella Eun Jung Kim's (Rutgers Pharmacy student) brother.
    I had a T10-11 injury on 2010 march 14 about a year ago.
    On 2010 december, the doctors have found some movements in my legs.
    I had EMG test in January and it showed that i can move till ankle dorsiflexor.
    My hospital is in korea but i live in vietnam. The doctors in korea strongly suggest that i use EMG biofeedback to train my muscles to move selectively. Now a physical therapist comes to my house everyday and i have therapy in the morning and afternoon. Moreover, i'm trying to do 1 hr of prone standing but if i do 1 straight hour, my feet are swollen. and after 30 minutes, my legs become kind of purple. My parents are worried about this. in addition, i do not have a motomed at home (the bicycle to strengthen my quadriceps). The therapist is training my quadriceps, adductor, abductor, hip flexor, hamstring and ankle dorsiflexor. The therapist believes that i should train my hi flexor, hamstring and quadriceps by crawling. But doctors in korea strongly disagrees with her because they presume that crawling will cause shoulder and wrist pain. could you give me some advice whether i should buy an EMG Biofeedback machine to train my muscles or just train those manually? and could you give some advice on therapies to strengthen my muscles?

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    Have you tried a Total Gym (with assistance from your PT)? That will get you working your hip flexors, hamstrings and glutes without impacting your upper body?

    Yes, crawling can have quite a bit of impact on your shoulders and wrist if overdone - so be careful.

    However, there are many exercises you can do in a four-point position with adductors, abductors, hamstrings and glutes. But again, you must be vigilant about your shoulders and wrists.

    My PT has a regular spin bike with an adapted seat which is also good for hip flexion and extension.

    re the standing: Try standing for 20 mins first and build it up slowly. I dont like the sound of you experiencing swelling and colour change. Not a good sign.

    I would like to try Biofeedback myself actually. So I cannot comment upon this.

    Good luck.

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