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Thread: Can I groan loudly from frustration?

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    Can I groan loudly from frustration?

    If you remember... I was waiting on my 'coved' washers and trying to loosen my toe clamps in order to move my cog forward.... But one bolt on the toe clamp was stuck...

    As we resume the one darn bolt has been sprayed with every substance known to man, warmed, chilled, hammered, cranked and finally ... Stripped.

    It will not come out. My chair is in a hundred pieces on the floor and I can't do a damn thing until I get this evil stripped bolt out and find a new bolt to put in.

    Talk about frustration!!!!! And the fact that it is a Friday! Arrrrrg!
    Where on earth can I take the stupid thing to get this bolt out and where can I find a new bolt?

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    Next door to you Oli; at the machine shop. there is always one bolt that'll do that just to remind you not to get to cocky that it'll go smoothly. Arrrgh

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    Oh Oli, these things seem to happen on a Friday.

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    You can get some special frozen bolt removal tools. I think Sears sells some under the craftsman name. You'll basically drill slightly into the tip and then the tool will bite into the metal to pop it lose. They are easy to use once you get the hang of it. You might try practicing on some spare bolts just to get a feel for it. They are also not very expensive.

    OR; most auto shops can do this for you (especially ones that work on custom exhausts.. They sometimes need them to get busted header bolts out of engine blocks. But someone there will have the experience to remove the bugger. Would probably just be a shop fee (but that'll be more than buying the tools) unless you find a really nice shop which would probably do it for nothing (trying to earn future business)).

    There's two options for ya.

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    Darn weekend! I am sure the machine shop guys won't be there.

    I might poke around on my way through town to see if there is anything open on the weekend that looks capable.

    If I get the bolt drilled out does that make it unusable?

    Will I be able to find a new bolt at home depot or somewhere?

    On some good news. I can take the whole chair apart and totally know how to put it all back together! Prett cool for a girl, hehe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oli View Post
    If I get the bolt drilled out does that make it unusable?
    If done properly, yes. The 'drilling' will happen inside the bolt itself and not to the connecting hardware. The drill won't be as large as the bolt. Worst case, you'd replace the part. But slightly less worst case, they actually have to drill out the entire bolt and re-tap the hole. New threads will be larger size. But expected result is they 'remove' the bolt and clean the threads but it's just like it always was, ready to go for a new bolt.

    Quote Originally Posted by Oli View Post
    Will I be able to find a new bolt at home depot or somewhere?
    Fastenal or American Bolt will have them if nothing else. Be sure they are of the proper grade if necessary for the part (take them the other bolt and they'll know). It might have a different tip on it but it will function. Or you can order replacement bolts directly from the manufacturer even.

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    Can I join you in the Groanfest? I ordered my right-sized wheels and all went well. Then later come to find the wheels are out of stock until at least two weeks from now. Only had money for one set of wheels so they've gotta be the right ones. Frustrating! Customer service was good though- just waiting for my chair to work right again.

    On bolts- there are only two that I can't get off on my chair and they're for the sideguards. Why are the sideguards the tightest bolts? I have NO idea- but they're not going anywhere! I have the most secure sideguards this side of the mason-dixon. I need that on a t-shirt! Check out my tight bolts- yahhh, impressive eh? Bet you wish YOUR bolts were this tight? What? No, you don't? Yah- me either.

    Hope you can find a way to get your chair back together this weekend!

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    Hehe good tshirt!

    I now have a pinched nerve one the other side of my back and now I think it was from trying to loosen those bolts.

    I am impatient and wish it wasn't the weekend. Grrrr!

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    Ah eureka! Found a machinist open today. Yeah, it was much easier than I imagined. You guys were right... He got it out in about five seconds. Then I picked up three extra bolts and am on my way home to do the rest of the adjustments. Yay!

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