I haven't felt well all week and decided to appease my mother and go to the doctor today. The reason being that I've felt some weird tightness going on in my chest. They took blood, swabbed me for influenza, and x-rayed my chest. I was told they didn't find anything and that it was viral. I was OK with that and planned to rest this weekend.

Now the nurse called me and said the doctor and radiologist saw a pocket of fluid in one of my lungs. The doctor thought that may be normal for me because I'm a quad (C5). If I feel worse she wants me to come in, and she wants another x-ray in 2 weeks.

Should I be concerned about the fluid? Is it normal that I would have some? I am kind of skeptical because of a few areas of tightness in my chest.

I'm not around much these days, but this is such a great resource. As always, thank you so much for the help.