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Thread: Survey to Improve Crutches

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    Survey to Improve Crutches

    Hi all --

    I'm a freshman at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. I'm in a program for Integrated Business and Engineering at school and for our second semester class we have been working on a project to improve the design of crutches. Our final design will be a complete prototype, that if well received, will continue through the design process -- possibly being patented.

    We've just made a survey to help us designate the problem areas as well as other questions regarding the use of crutches. The survey is quick and simple, less than 15 questions. The more information we receive from people, the more accurately we will be able to build our "ComfyCrutches"

    The survey can be found here:

    Also any other comments or concerns are welcome here on the forum or you can contact me by email:


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    Moved to Surveys forum per our site rules, and duplicate posts removed.


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    I guess when this got moved it removed my post about the survey having a flaw. The section that asks you to rate several items won't let you give different categories (Cost vs ease of use) the same score. I think it's a problem with the software - not with the survey. Mike
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    I agree. The survey is very poorly designed. I use Survey Monkey all the time, and it is not the software. It is how the OP built the survey. If you use radio-buttons instead of check boxes, only one option is allowed.


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