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Thread: Big decision! Advice! Go for the money/experience or stay with what makes me happy

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    Yeah I'm not sure I'd call Zynga a startup at this point. They seem to keep growing, but unless the tide changes (entirely possible), I doubt they'll fall off the map anytime soon. They keep acquiring more, e.g., -- cool, but if they have greedy leadership that could care less about the people that work for them, regardless of money, then stick with what you're happy with.

    I agree... let your roommate test the waters first.

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    Sound as if there's a LOT of "wealth" where you are now. Significant stuff.

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    Stay where you are. I worked those hours you'd be working with a SCI, and it's hell on your body, Cory. For years it tore me up, but I kept doing it, until finally I realized the damage wasn't worth it. It's hard to realize this if you have a strong work ethic, and I've always possessed that trait. It's a good trait to have when AB, maybe not always so good with a SCI.

    I value health over wealth as someone with SCI. When I was AB, it was the opposite. Think about the future and the promise? of a cure - you want your body to be strong in case we hit the Lotto in that area. At least think about the future and living with a SCI'd body that you abused for a couple of decades. It ain't fun.
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    I have heard zynga is a crappy place to work. You can work at a startup and have a good work/life balance, companies that don't you should stay away from most often they are poorly managed. My company is 22 people, 12 in engineering and rarely are people working on weekends and only occasionally are there really hectic weeks.

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    I have been there and take the peace of mind and stay put and be happy. You don't want a real competive environment when you can do just as well in your existing one. Patience grasshopper. Aren't you with Cisco ? You are working for one of the best in the business, there is a wealth of learning and future growth opportunity at your fingertips. That is what I told my daughter Meagan 24 a few months ago. Mke

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    dont change job. you will regret it big time. keep what u have and enjoy life more relax, listen to music, smoke, play guitar and drink pina colada and so on. why work more if you are already making money. 12 hours a day is suicide...n
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    its not fun to work in an environment where u gotta worry if your next review isn't perfect that you'll be out the door......that basically pits coworker vs coworker in a cut throat environment.... everyone looking to screw everyone because something more on someone elses accomplishments for the year is something less on yours + the boss saying so & so did better than you here, pick up your efforts

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    stay put. if you get bored start a passionate venture that You find interesting.

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    Yup I realize with the company I'm with ( c isco) I can make just as much money if I just stay put. It seems they give promotions/raises not based on how much you do but how long you stick with them.

    I was just explaining my situation to a guy I just met who is starting his own start up and he said wow I'm jealous if I was in your position and content with life I would be doing the same thing. Its funny how people are driven by money and are never satisfied so the fact I am satisfied is a great feeling!
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    You answered your own question in your first post. Sounds like you have a really good job. Hard to beat when you're happy too.

    You're have time to change down the road if you decide this one does'nt make you happy anymore.

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