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Thread: SCI nurse, UTI symptoms

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    SCI nurse, UTI symptoms

    I went to the doc on Tuesday after some bad UTI symptoma Monday night. He said that the initial UA was clear but prescribed cipro anyways because the last infection I had didn't show up until the culture was finished. I called back today and this time he said that the culture was clear this time yet still said I should finish my cycle of the antibiotic. I am hesitant to finish it because the symptoms were elliviated within mere hours of taking the first dose of cipro and I don't think it could have worked that fast. I don't want to potentially compromise the effectiveness of antibiotics on my system, especially when both the UA and the culture showed no signs of infection. should I finish the antibiotics?

    PS he is a university doc with little sci experience

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    Great question, ben. I can see arguments for both options, so I'm eager to hear what the SCI nurse has to say.

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    I can't tell you not to take the drug without speaking to the physician. I share your concerns and would emphasize that to him. I would also encourage you to share that people with SCI are susceptible to UTI's and you would like to keep all the anti-biotic options open for as long as you can.

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