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Thread: Really bad depression

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    Really bad depression

    I hope this is the right place to post this. Since he was discharged from his last hospitalization, my husband has been soooo depressed. Can't walk, can't poo, can't pee, can't breathe ,on O2 24/7 and in constant pain. Gee I can't imagine why he's depressed. His pain doc prescribed Zoloft but hubby says it makes him feel weird and spaced out plus bad nausea even after they messed with the dosage. I've been looking at different antidepressants and they all look very scary. I don't know what to do. Pain doc says to "give it time to work" but hubby says he has enough wrong with him and doesn't need any more problems added to his long list. How does everyone else deal with this? He needs something cause all he does is sit and stare at the tv. I'm really worried.

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    I tried Neurontin and Lyrica for nerve pain but they didn't help much. I took Neurontin for about 7 years then switched to Lyrica. I weaned myself off Lyrica a little over a year ago. My Dr. then prescribed Cymbalta(antidepressant that also help nerve pain) and I feel much better, I take 30 mgs in the morning. I also take 75 mgs of Amitriptyline(antidepressant) at bedtime, it helps. My husband was put on Zoloft and had the same side effects your husband did. If he tries another one make sure he stays on it long enough because it takes a little while(usually 2-4 weeks) before you feel the positive effects. Alot of the early side effects go away with time.

    I hope your husband finds something to help his pain and depression.
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    Hi, and welcome to Care Cure! I am so sorry to hear that your husband is suffering from depression in addition to his other health issues. Although my health problems are much less serious, I still found that chronic severe pain left me depressed. I had no luck with Zoloft. For some reason they always seem to start people with that. I now take Wellbutrin XL and Cymbalta. I don't seem to have any side effects from them. Seems like most meds today have a scary list of possible side effects but don't let that scare him away from trying some different antidepressants.
    I wish you both the very best. I'm sure his situation is difficult for both of you to cope with.
    All the best,

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    I concur with the advice above. If the Zoloft is making him feel weird and he doesn't want to take it, I would ask his physician to change his medication. Unfortunately, as you said, the side effects are a little scary but when the drugs work, they are a great help. The other bad part is that it does take 2-6 weeks for the peak result and often times it takes more than one medication trial or dose to find the right one.
    Encourage your husband to try something else and then get him to speak with his physician. It is not an easy battle to win, but it sounds as though he has a great suppport and strong advocate in you.

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    I had good results with abilify. it had few side effects. I could not deal with the zoloft either. it makes you feel nothing. not good not bad, but just numb. I dont use any antidepressants now. It was only for six months, though I continued to see a therapist for about three years after my accident.

    good luck, and I hope he does try something else. If he can get some sun early in the day, that helps with mood too. I dont have any depression now, so it was really worth the effort.

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    Sorry to hear about the touch dilema you both are in. Sometimes it takes awhile for medication to work. You did not state if he is taking anything else that might combat an interaction of meds. You might have to go thru some medications until you find the right mix.

    Depression is something so personal to even talk about and it sounds like you can share his pain, and also emotional. I take an anti depressent, I understand it is habit forming, but at this point I have accepted that. To be unfocused, staring out the window or at the tv is heartbreaking for you to see he is just trying to cope .

    Does he have any hobbies he likes to do? Would he join the CC family, sometimes reading other posts really can help. I know it has helped me. Also there is many good books at the library. I wish there was a magic pill for all of us to be pain free, and not deal with anxiety or depression. They used to say if they put prozak in every ones water we would all be happier LOL.

    Keep us posted and Thank God he has you.
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    OK we went to the doctor today and told him the Zoloft wasn't cutting it. He prescribed Cymbalta and gave him a months supply. He did mention that it can possibly aid in pain control. Hubby has been on morphine for years but this last hospital visit they STOPPED giving it to him. Cold, without any explanation other than "he's over medicated". He was so sick with other issues (renal failure, sepsis) that he wasn't fully aware for over a week that he'd not had any morphine. Anyway now he's been changed to Oxycontin extended release. He doesn't think it's helping the pain but he's giving it a try. The 30mg extended cost $380 and my insurance picked up all but $80. Isn't this just so much fun?

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    That's a fact! I think we all have played games with insurance. Not much fun.

    You've already been given good advice.....and taken it! Glad to hear they switched his meds. I've heard a lot of people say they liked the Cymbalta. I was given it for the pain, and sad to say it did'nt do anything for me.

    Welcome and good luck.

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    I find the fentanyl patch does not fog me up, and works well for pain. I have been using it about 11 years. It does not affect my personality the way morphine does. You do get withdrawal eventually, It is a powerful medication. I do not feel any kind of high from it though, and If I have nausea it is not affected since you dont take it by mouth.

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    Hi sorry about your problems and I know what depression can do to your husband and your relationship,I tried a lot of antidepressents for pain and found AMPITRIPTYLINE to be a great pain reliever and also helped with my mild depression.The good thing with this drug is I take 75mg once a day at night and that way you are not bombed out during the day,I started at 10mg and my doctor gradually worked up the dosage,its also a very cheap drug............

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