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Thread: Oracing Extreme Box

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Chappell View Post
    Great chair, congrats. Can't find the link for the video? A little help please with the link?

    Is in the end of the review

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    Quote Originally Posted by foton View Post
    Hello totoL1,
    The chair looks great. According to the review there are three options of frame material. Which one is yours?
    I said it in the review, but i notice that is not in the english tranlation, mines is aluminium.

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    It's beautiful- not just like a flower but the engineering, I mean. Great work on design and fabrication.

    Showed it to my Hubby and even he wanted one. He's hard to impress!

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    I forgot the specs of the chair.

    25" rear wheels 559
    4 x 1.4" softroll casters
    43 cm frame depth 16.92"
    39cm frame width 15.35"
    48 cm FSH 19.29"
    42cm RSH 16.53"
    8.5cm COG 3.34"
    27 cm backrest height 10.62"
    25 cm backrest bar height 9.84"
    8 cm from inside backrest bar to backrest tube 3.14"
    21 cm from front footplate to calf bar 8.27"
    22 cm calf bar width 8.66"
    backrest angle 90┬║
    front angle 90┬║
    29cm knee reduction, from inside tube to inside tube 11.41"
    21 cm footplate width 8.26"
    14cm footplate deep 5.51"
    2.5cm footplate inclination( difference between front footplate to floor and back footplate to floor) 1"
    1.5┬║ camber
    14cm ergo seat 5.51"
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    One of the best things this chair have is their backrest, and this is not an option, so probably we are speaking about the best std back uphostery of the market.
    The sides are made in alcantara leather and the center piece is a microporous spongy clothe.
    You can feel really involved with this uphostery playing with the tension of the strips, but of course is not the lightest, so who told that i only think in weight?

    Ohh! i forget it, this uphostery is what i had in my other chair, so i have been using it for around a year and look how is it, ready for can do a new review with it.
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    nice looking chair.

    do you have before and after pictures of the mavic hubs, would love to try and copy that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NW-Will View Post
    do you have before and after pictures of the mavic hubs, would love to try and copy that.
    No, i don`t have pics of that, but basically was mechanize the inside hub and insert a piece like the pic.

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    Sweet chair! I like how the side guards come all the way up to the arm height.

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    toto, how much can you get me that back for u.s. pm me rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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