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Thread: Oracing Extreme Box

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    Oracing Extreme Box

    Hi guys.

    Here is my new chair and the review is in Spanish, but thanks to Stephen he translate it for you, is not exactly the same because we have done little changes in the review, but basically is the same.
    The video i start speaking a bit but after you can see me trying the chair.
    I hope you like it, this chair is a fucking rock and i love it.
    For some question here i am.

    Oracing Extreme Box

    Oracing, located in GandĂ*a (Valencia), Spain, produces all varieties of sports and active everyday wheelchairs. Oracing welcomes its customers to incorporate their own ideas into our existing designs. The latest example of this type of collaboration can be found in the active chair model co-designed in collaboration with Antonio Morcillo: the Extreme Box.

    It’s not necessary to know a lot about wheelchairs to see at a glance that the Extreme Box is unlike any other chair made. Not only is it unique; without a doubt it is one of the best ultralight chairs of the market.

    This model is intended for active users who desire a chair that goes far beyond the ordinary. Some users, however, are hesitant at first to consider a cube chassis-style chair because they believe it is more difficult to load into their car. Beyond individual tastes and personal preferences one thing is certain: the box-frame style allows the creation of a lighter and more rigid wheelchair.
    Let’s take a closer look at the Extreme Box.

    * It comes available in a choice of frame materials: 7020T6 Aluminum; Chromium-Molybdenum 4130; and Titanium GR9, each of which is available in a wide range of colors or polished metal finish.
    * Monoforks come standard. Beyond their sleeker aesthetic styling, the single-sided forks greatly minimize the typical scratches and dings to doorways and furniture of conventional dual-sided forks. True is that the monofork set on this Extreme Box are an option, were custom shaped and polished for the chair of the review.
    * Carbon fiber is incorporated generously throughout this chair, most noticeably in the seat pan and clothing side guards. Even the footrest plate is made from carbon fiber.
    * The underseat cross tube and calf strap bar add greater rigidity to the frame, which enables the use of smaller diameter tubing in the lower frame.. Although the calfs aren`t an area with high risk of sores, this calf bar it`s wrapped with a spongy sheath for extra protection to reduce the risk to the minimal.

    * The carbon fiber sideguards are integrated into tubes welded directly to the frame. This design approach allows the use of very thin carbon fiber plates, which minimizes weight while contributing to an even more solid frame.
    * The brakes, too, have been lightened to minimize weight transfer of the chair.
    * One of the coolest features of the Extreme Box is the carbon fiber seat-by-strips seat pan. This makes for an extremely comfortable riding experience. Thickness and spacing of the carbon fiber strips are determined based upon the dimensions of the chair and the weight of the user. The individual strips function as a quasi shock absorber softening the bumps of rough or uneven sidewalks and streets as well as lessening the impact when jumping and dropping off of curbs, even those of considerable height. The strips help to lighten the impact load, a feature bound to be appreciated by those who are prone to – or hoping to avoid – back pain.

    The carbon fiber seat-by-strips mount securely to frame with Velcro, which further reduces the transfer weight of the chair. The strips can be easily removed, if desired, to assist the user in loading the chair into the car.
    The back rigidizer bar is welded at a height and angled upward allowing it to function as a push/pull handle for able-bodied assistance when necessary.
    Also noteworthy is the very high quality and super conformtable back upholstery, probably the best available anywhere. Because Oracing pust a premium on comfort as well as performance, when designing the back upholstery user comfort takes precedence over an effort to save weight.
    This version of the Extreme Box features a set of high-end mountain bike wheels, which were custom adapted specially for the chair of the review. They are notable for their greater rigidity and resistance to twisting – and their unique look! Although this wheelset is not available in the wheelchair market, with Oracing almost anything is possible. To make these (or any) mtb wheels compatible for wheelchair use, the hubs were modified and pushrims installed.
    As you can see great attention has been paid to every design detail of this very cool and rocking chair. It is agile, lighweight, and extremely rigid, not to mention very sturdy and strong, even though thechair is complety rigid, it is quite easy to lift into the car owing to its very light weight.
    Its custom features reflect the influence and input of its very active owner, who is certain to take it to its limits. Whether you’re an extremely active user or just someone who appreciates the details of an ultra high-end chair, the Extreme Box was built to not disappoint.

    But as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. So, let's see it in action.

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    Here you`ve got some pics bigger than in the review

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    Great to finally see the complete chair. Looks cool. And the video presentation -- wow! The 3-step jump at 2:57 is sick! Not sure if I could do that. I know I'll never try, at least not without a suit of armor on.

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    Congrats Toto! Very cool chair, but I think I personally like the blue frame better. Love your attention to detail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solorider View Post
    Congrats Toto! Very cool chair, but I think I personally like the blue frame better. Love your attention to detail.

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    Sweet ride. The video rocks!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solorider View Post
    Congrats Toto! Very cool chair, but I think I personally like the blue frame better. Love your attention to detail.
    The two are cool chairs, one in L and the other in box, now choice your favorite, but i prefer the box frame, this chair is more a chair for men.

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    nice ride

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    Another very nice chair totoL1.
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    Awesome chair. Awesome skills.

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