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Thread: New chair time. ZR or TR

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    New chair time. ZR or TR

    It's time to get a new chair I currently have a worn out ZR which has work ok. Should I consider the TR not sure what I would gain. I am 6' 190lbs. Also this will be the first chair through Medicare do they pay for any of the chair?

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    I wentr from zr to tr and love it. im 6'2 210 and I felt flex in the zr not so with tr. I went totally welded non folding back and bolt on side guards, it stiff and bullet proof.

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    I went from TR to ZR, will go back to TR

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    How do you get those bold-on sideguards? Mine never stay put. I'm getting a new chair and the latest version of the order form didn't have them.

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    My TR has been the best chair I've ever had. Bullteproof is a good way to describe it.

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    TR without any doubt

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    your weight and height... TR ... much less flex in the frame.

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    Another vote for the TR option. I have the TR3 and it's the best chair I've ever had.

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